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We currently ship to, Saint Maarten (Dutch side), Nassau Bahamas, Road Town BVI, Gustavia St Barths, Medley FL and Rotterdam NL. 

To establish an account please send email to [email protected] and we'll send you a welcome pack with terms and conditions.

For orders originating from California we ship all year round as we truck under reefer conditions ensuring a steady temperature control. 

For orders originating from Europe we ship all year round except for July & August when warehouses and shipping are on a reduced service due to public holidays. 

We handle all logistics, export paperwork and BL's to your freight forwarder or local port for transfer to your clearing agent. 

1 pallet of 64 cases.

For orders that originate in California and deliver to your FL based freight forwarder we work on 3 weeks from order placement.

For orders that originate in Europe and deliver to the Caribbean we work on 5 weeks from order placement. 

Yes in most cases, we're able to supply a mixed pallet 

We're able to supply most wines at MOQ of 1 pallet / 56 cases /12x750ml 


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